I want to just start by thanking you all for stopping by to come and take a look at my “so far blog”. At least that’s what I’m referring to it as for the time being or until it’s around 90%(ish) up to my psychotic, OCD standards! I’m honestly just hoping it doesn’t take me a million years to finish “tweaking” & getting the entire thing exactly where I want it to be. I have to keep reminding myself that this isn’t going to be perfect (nor anywhere close) overnight. If that was something I for one minute even thought was a possibility, I probably should have already jumped the hell off this ship! But, then I stop and remind myself of why I decided to finally go through with this blog in the first place. That’s what helps me remember that I really am capable of anything!
So by now I’m quite positive you have it figured out that this really is my first published online, for the entire world to see, I actually own this thing – BLOG (I know, I know. It’s so hard to believe, because I’m so good at this already… Right? Only kidding!) I’m also going to assume you’ve most likely gathered that I’m just “slightly” on the crazy/looney bin side. (That however is completely true, HAHA!) – I really am just a huge fan of keeping life as interesting, exciting, and stress free as humanly possible. Making people laugh is definitely one sure fire way of doing all three of those things at the same time. So if that makes me crazy, I’m cool with that and will totally own it. Now at the same time of being that nonchalant, carefree, go with the flow, person. I do know how to be and can be a completely serious person, if the need arises. I still however try to find good in every situation, even if it seems like there is no way possible to find it. I’m one of the most “people person people” (does that make sense…if not it does to me, haha!) you would ever meet. To me it is all about the way you carry and portray yourself, whether in person, over the internet, or even on the phone. You could be changing someone’s life forever and never even know it. I honestly try as hard as humanly possible to genuinely be kind to every single person I come into contact with, no matter how hard I want to punch them in the face. We all know the saying, “Kill them with kindness..” This girl would literally be in prison for life, if kindness actually killed people – HA! The terrible thing about most people, they hate it more than anything when they are trying to ruin you & your happiness and you don’t even let it bother you. It doesnt phase you. And above anything else, you refuse to let them even see that you’ve noticed them trying to bring you down. Believe me. That is the BEST way you could ever ruin someone’s day!
So, since almost everything I’ve said so far has most likely either made you want to run away screaming (because like I said – I’m crazy hahaha) OR just hasn’t made a damn bit of sense & you’d like it if I would shut the hell up already (if you’ve even made it this far) and make one actual point as to why I’m writing this blog and if you insist, I’ll tell you.
Writing for others to read and hopefully enjoy has been my BIGGEST dream. If it could be described in an any less cliché way, I’d do it. I also actually made a promise to my Grandad many years ago (he passed away in May of 2016) that I would stop continuing to just keep talking/thinking about “someday” doing it. He would always say to me “Caitlin, you have to do something with your ability. You have a real talent that not a lot of people have. Instead of just letting it go to waste f*cking do something with it. We all know I’m the one that taught you how to write, so I know what I’m talking about!” He was a rather blunt and vulgar man.  But, here we are and I’m f*cking doing it, Grandad!
While you’re reading the things I write on my page, I want you to read them with the most open mind that you are capable of having. Perspective • it is an extremely powerful thing. I want to take people places. I want them to see things in ways they never thought they were capable of seeing them. I want them to feel emotions in such a powerful way it’s indescribable. I also want you all to have a chance to understand me and get to know me as a person. An opportunity to enjoy this beautiful, crazy, terrifying, challenging, but yet so incredibly amazing adventure, that I am so beyond blessed to call MY life!
Starting this blog, developing an online following where I get to interact with all different types of amazing people, and possibly one day be able to help someone with something that I wrote – that was an enormous step of blind faith for me. However, the coolest part about it. You all get to experience this entirely new chapter of my life right along side me, as it’s happening.
I also have everyone who has believed in me and kept faith in me from the very beginning. Thank-you for never giving up – not only on me, but for never giving up on my dream.
XOXOX, Caitlin
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